Press Releases

Internet workshop for telecommunications professionals

Budapest, November 10, 1999

The "Puskás Hírmondó" - a telecommunications workshop -- was launched on the Internet on November 8, 1999 at The site is edited by MATÁVNET Kft. for MATÁV and it addresses general telecommunications and market issues.

The decision to create a site for telecommunications professionals was taken when the company resolved to upgrade its Internet presence. The new Puskás site gives a reliable and comprehensive picture of the state of Hungarian and international telecommunications, the place and role of the various companies in it, trends, meetings and conferences of the industry.

The Puskás site has both permanent components (e.g. Who's who?, links, etc.) and ones that change monthly. The 'Topic of the Month' column addresses problems of interest in that month. In the 'Forum' prominent telecommunications experts give their opinion on various issues. We also carry monthly previews of upcoming events and report on recent industry events. Our news analyses and recommendations are designed to guide the reader in telecommunications matters.
We believe that MATÁV, as the country's leading telecommunications service provider, has an important duty in making available adequate information on the Hungarian telecommunications market soon to become fully liberalized.

The launch of the Puskás site is yet another step towards upgrading Matáv's Internet presence. The company's home page ( was redesigned in structure and appearance this summer but continues to develop further. In a recent feature if offers links for the on-line ordering of services and for contacting various organizations of the company on telecommunications business.