Press Releases

Voice Mail from Matáv

Budapest, November 11, 1999

On October 25, 1999 MATÁV introduced its new Voice Mail service. Voice Mail (to be retrieved at home free of charge) enables subscribers to receive their messages even when they are not home, are talking on the phone or are connected to the Internet.

MATÁV has introduced several Voice Mail services concurrently enabling customers to choose, in line with their demands and financial means, among Voice Mail Box, Voice Mail Box Package, Voice Mail Box with a virtual phone number, Family Voice Mail and Business Voice Mail services. Each of these central, customized voice mail services is suitable for recording voice messages, while Family and Business Voice Mail services allow the receipt of faxes as well. The Family Voice Mail product package is an excellent option for families and family businesses as the calling party, by pushing a button, can indicate the person the message is intended for.

Contrary to answering machines, Voice Mail records messages even if the line is busy and can even receive several messages at the same time. No additional equipment is needed, and calls are never lost because of electricity breakdown or surfing the Internet. The owner of the Voice Mail can listen to the received messages at home free of charge. Unauthorized access to the messages is prevented by a (maximum) 7-digit PIN code.