Press Releases

PKI Science Days

Budapest, November 22, 1999

On November 23 and 24, 1999 a two-day conference organized by MATÁV PKI Telecommunications Development Institute is to be held at MATÁV Headquarters (Budapest I. Krisztina krt. 55). The Science Days will be opened by Matáv's Chief Logistics Officer Mr. László Bodnár. The conference focuses on improving quality in telecommunication.

In Section I, Hungarian and foreign colleagues will deliver lectures on the perspectives of services customized in line with the subscribers' demand and enabled by IP-based telecommunication, teleworking, e-commerce and intelligent networks.

Section II addresses the quality of voice and video transmission. The topics discussed by the lecturers include some of the most recent developments such as neural networks containing revolutionary new IT solutions, IP transmission through a wavelength division optical fiber system as well as video signal compression and the design of the local computer network for these.

Section III surveys quality enhancement and service expansion plans arising in connection with local networks. The topics covered will include, among others, IP-based local networks and microwave multipoint connections.

Section IV will focus on terminal equipment quality, highlighting the assessment of telecommunications software products; it also offers an interesting lecture on VSAT-supported POS terminals.