Press Releases

Matáv is investigating the illegal CD-ROM case

Budapest, October 21, 1999

MATÁV was informed by one of the commercial television companies that the secret subscriber data of the company were allegedly disclosed on an illegal CD-ROM. The company started an immediate investigation to find out if the rumor was true. A copy of the CD-ROM in question will be compared with the actual and valid database, and with an illegal version published two years ago. As soon as the investigation is closed we will inform the press about its result. What we can clearly state for the time being is that neither the illegal copy found last year, nor the present one contains the current status of the database, even if some of the phone numbers on the disk start with a digit of three or four.

The company emphasizes that we have not received any subscriber complaint due to disclosure of secret phone numbers during the past months right up to yesterday's announcement. MATÁV wishes to reiterate that the full-scale protection of the customer database is ensured, the company makes continuous efforts to meet the requirements of the most advanced high tech security systems, and takes this opportunity to assure subscribers that MATÁV will disclose their data exclusively to authorized persons.