Press Releases

Changes of the phone numbers in Portugal

Budapest, October 28, 1999

From October 31, 1999 the six- and seven-digit phone numbers will all change to nine-digit numbers. Simultaneously with the change the area codes of the localities will become part of the subscriber phone numbers. When switching to the nine-digit numbers all the phone numbers will be supplemented with 2 or 3 to be put before the phone number.

When making phone calls from Hungary to Portugal after October 31, 1999, a nine-digit phone number must be dialed after the country code of 351.

Simultaneously with the changes of phone numbers the calling number of Hungary Direct called from Portugal will be modified, from

0800 800 360
to 800 800 360

the calling number of the World Card changes from

0800 801 360
to 800 801 360, that is, the 0 before the phone numbers is no longer required.

The service identification codes of the mobile network, currently 3-digit numbers, will be modified to 2-digit numbers (e.g. from 931 to 91) with the cancellation of the middle digit of the three-digit service identification code (in this case the 3 will be canceled).

Call the International Directory Assistance service on 199 for further information.