Press Releases

World Heritage Telephone Card

Budapest, September 6, 1999

MATÁV is issuing a new series of telephone cards entitled "World Heritage". The first card in the series shows the Benedictine Abbey in Pannonhalma. Today, in Pannonhalma Dr. Bálint Nagy, Matáv's PR Director will present to the Abbot, Dr. Asztrik Várszegi the company's gift, 3000 telephone cards.

Each year MATÁV issues 40-50 different card designs. This year a new series entitled "World Heritage" will be issued. The first card in the series shows the building of the Benedictine Abbey in Pannonhalma that was recently placed on the World Heritage List.

MATÁV, a major sponsor of Hungarian culture and public affairs, honored one of Hungary's most precious cultural treasures by donating 3000 of the telephone cards issued in a total of 300,000 units. The cards were today presented to Dr. Asztrik Várszegi, Abbot by Dr. Bálint Nagy, PR Director.