Press Releases

Matáv withdraws old phone cards

Budapest, September 29, 1999

From October 1, public payphones will no longer accept old 20, 50 and 120 unit phone cards. From this date on, calls can be initiated only with HUF-based Eurochip phone cards introduced on May 1, 1999.

The new Eurochip phone card system was introduced by MATÁV and the LTOs on May 1, 1999. In order to facilitate a smooth transition, cards of both old and new type were accepted in the five-month period lasting till September 30, 1999. Subsequent to the transition period, public payphones will not accept the old phone cards.

Unused pulses left on the old phone cards can still be recovered at a price of HUF 20 per unit when buying a new MATÁV phone card between October 4, 1999 and September 30, 2000 or, whenever requested by the customer, their value will be reimbursed at a price of HUF 16 per unit (HUF 15 per unit in case of 120 unit cards). Phone cards can be converted at more than 70 conversion sites all over the country ("MATÁV Pont" retail shops, customer care sites as well as conversion sites in the area of the respective LTOs). In order to facilitate quick conversion, a maximum of 10 cards can be converted at the same time. Phone cards in a larger quantity can be exchanged by appointment. Please dial phone number 1212 (Call Center) or the Green Number 06 80 20 13 20 for further information.

The value of old phone cards as collectors' items is expected to increase as they will become irreplaceable in the future.