Press Releases

Safety tariff package

Budapest, January 19, 2000

From 1st February, 2000, MATÁV is introducing the Safety tariff package. Customers ordering the Safety tariff package will continue to pay the monthly subscription charge for 1999 in 2000 as well, at the same time, however, they pay a reduced call charge for gross total calls up to HUF 250. Above that level the tariffs (call charge and call set-up fee) will triple.

The Safety package is primarily recommended to customers who use the telephone very rarely. To those who have a telephone to be available at all times but make very few calls themselves.

The Safety package can be ordered from 24th January, 2000 using the toll free number 1212, at MATÁV Point shops and by mail. Orders should be addressed to:

Call Center
1476 Budapest
P.O.B.: 227

Call Center
9401 Sopron

Call Center
4401 Nyíregyháza
P.O.B.: 420

Matáv will be providing this new service to its customers from 1st February, 2000.*