Press Releases

The Budapest Yellow Pages 2000 to appear on Monday

Budapest, January 21, 2000

The new trade telephone directory, the Budapest "Yellow Pages 2000", will appear on January 24 and will be available until February 26 at 35 post offices in Budapest.

The Budapest "Yellow Pages 2000" published by Magyar Telefonkönyvkiadó Társaság (Hungarian Telephone Directory Publishing Company) and MATÁV represents a breakthrough in the history of Hungarian telephone directory publications. It is the first phone book to be printed in four colors in Hungary.

From now on, the information to be communicated by companies, institutions and entrepreneurs, both in Budapest and in the country, can be published in color, more appropriate for the corporate image of the advertisers and a more effective way of presenting their product mix and services.

The new issue of the Budapest "Yellow Pages 2000" will appear on January 24 and will be available free of charge until February 26. MATÁV is notifying its customers about where they can obtain their copy of the directory in the Newsletter (Hírmondó) sent out with the February telephone bills.

A list of the thirty-five post offices involved in the free distribution is on display in all post offices in Budapest, and information can be requested about them by dialing free phone numbers 1212 or 06/80/200-198.