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Calling line identification presentation: we can see who is calling

Budapest, June 30, 2000

As from July 1 MATÁV is introducing in its service area - that is in 36 out of the country's 56 primary regions - the calling line identification presentation (CLIP) service which is enabled by the modern digital exchanges and the new technology. Users of the service, provided they have a suitable telephone set or buy an auxiliary device, can see the telephone number of the caller on the display screen of the telephone. The calling line identification presentation service serves the comfort of customers because they can now decide whether or not they want to take a call. They can also identify the caller when he does not leave a message and filter out unwanted calls.

How does the service work? The telephone number of the calling party is displayed on the telephone set of the called party, provided the set is suitable for receiving the service and the calling party has not banned the service. At the start 70 per cent of MATÁV subscribers, the customers of the three GSM mobile operators and ISDN subscribers all over the country can avail themselves of the service, but the scope will be gradually expanded to include 0660 radio telephone subscribers and the other fixed-line subscribers. To have incoming calls displayed, you need to subscribe to the service for HUF 200 gross monthly. There is no charge for having your own number displayed on the phone of the called party. You only have to pay a fee to be able to see who is calling.

Simultaneously with the launch of the service, MATÁV centrally allows the presentation of telephone numbers. The number of a customer will also be displayed on the called party's telephone set if that number is treated by MATÁV as unlisted (secret) and not available in the telephone book or the directory assistance service.

Over the past half year all our customers received a form and could state in writing whether or not they approve the presentation of their telephone number. Twenty per cent restricted the presentation of their number. Those who have not restricted it will have their number displayed.

Subscribers will have the possibility to restrict the presentation of their telephone number on a case-by-case basis before each call (by entering the code *31* or dialing 131 on rotary sets). In such case the restriction applies only for the ensuing call. In addition to that option, customers can restrict the presentation of their telephone number with permanent effect by calling Matáv's Call Center at 1212.

The presentation of telephone numbers is a generally approved and accepted practice with mobile operators and European fixed-line operators alike. Approval of the presentation of telephone numbers contributes to the development of our telephoning culture.