Press Releases

Matáv to revolutionize home Internet use: unlimited Internet use and phone calls for a flat-rate fee

Budapest, March 10, 2000

Starting from April 1, 2000 MATÁV will introduce its new flat-rate package called "MATÁV Mindenkinek" (MATÁV for Everyone) for residential customers. The company will offer them the possibility to make unlimited local calls in the discounted periods for a monthly flat-rate fee of HUF 4,000.

At the same time as the introduction of the "MATÁV Mindenkinek" package, also from April 1, MATÁVnet Kft. is launching its "mindenkiNET" campaign which is intended to enable Hungarian Internet users to be on the web at a discounted/reasonable price.

Matáv's "Mindenkinek" package allows the company's residential customers to make any number of phone calls and/or to use the Internet on workdays from 6 p.m. till 7 a.m. of the next day and on off days from 3 p.m. till 7 a.m. of the next day for a gross/total monthly fee of HUF 4,000 without any traffic and call setup charge, if they want to call any number with local tariff charge (that is local numbers beginning with 06 51 and/or 06 40), in Matáv's service area.
For those customers who do not subscribe to the "Mindenkinek" package, MATÁV is still offering its discounted tariffs for local calls and for calls with local tariffs: customers using the standard telephone service, the Internet and the ISDN lines, irrespective of the length of their calls, pay a maximum of HUF 150 per call in the discounted periods, while the counter only ticks until it bills 200 forints per call for residential ISDN Internet users.
This package can be ordered for residential analog and residential ISDN2 lines and it can be used with subscription to the services of any Internet provider. Those of our subscribers who already have an ISDN line can especially enjoy the advantages of this package, as they can use the Internet and make telephone calls at the same time without paying any call fees, call setup charges and premium price for data usage.

Along with the introduction of the "Mindenkinek" package MATÁVnet Kft. is launching its campaign called mindenkiNET. Part of it is a new package called "OTTHON" ("HOME") with a gross monthly fee of HUF 4,500. The "OTTHON" package users can enjoy unlimited Internet use in the discounted periods: on workdays from 6 p.m. till 7 a.m. of the next day and on off days from 3 p.m. till 7 a.m. of the next day (otherwise the gross Internet tariff is HUF 500 per hour). MATÁVnet's "OTTHON" package is available for private and business entities all over Hungary on both switched and ISDN lines. The current MATÁVnet subscribers can also participate in the "mindenkiNET" campaign.

"With the introduction of the new packages MATÁV and MATÁVnet have created the possibility of a dramatic growth in the home use of the Internet. Although in a non-liberalized market it is not typical in general to introduce a flat-rate fee, MATÁV is preparing for the opening of the market in this way too and at the same time making an important contribution to the development of the Internet culture", said Elek Straub, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of MATÁV.

"A longstanding wish of Hungarian Internet users is fulfilled with the introduction of the flat-rate fee. From April they can spend hundreds of hours on the web for a monthly charge of HUF 8,500 without having to keep an eye on the clock", added Mátyás Vince, managing director of MATÁVnet Kft.

Subscription and more information are available at Matáv's free-phone call center number 1212 and at the MATÁVPont shops.