Press Releases

TelePont opens

Budapest, March 24, 2000

On March 24, 2000 Elek Straub, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of MATÁV, opened the company's new TelePont showroom in the center of Budapest. The new showroom answers the challenges of our age in every respect.

MATÁV intends the new TelePont showroom in Petofi Sándor utca to be a hub for meeting even the most demanding residential and business customer expectations with high-standard services in a customer-focused environment.

On 600 square meters and two levels customers find everything associated with the telecommunications world of today and tomorrow and the arrangement of the showroom itself reflects Matáv's new sales concept.

In addition to the products that customers can inspect and touch on the counters and racks, 16 public Internet stations are available for use. The inter-active presentations held in the showroom acquaint visitors with the whole portfolio of products and services of the Matáv Group.

In an effort to promote Internet-based stock market trading, a so-called stock exchange club operates on the premises on a membership basis. The members have the opportunity to get acquainted with electronic trading, make stock market transactions and access the Internet in a pleasant and comfortable environment and with professional assistance.