Press Releases

Matáv launches wholesale ADSL service

Budapest, November 29, 2000

In November 2000 MATÁV received a license from the Communication Authority for the launch of the wholesale ADSL-based fast Internet access service. This means that the partner carriers can access the Wholesale Fast Access service package with a lower price margin. The new service is the wholesale version of the NetExpress service which MATÁV launched in the retail market on September 1.

MATÁV adopted a market approach when it decided to offer the ADSL-based Internet fast access technology wholesale for partner carriers. MATÁV attaches great importance to its wholesale business; it has even created a special division recently to deal with this market segment under the name of Domestic Carrier Business Unit.

The company offers the Wholesale Fast Access service package to those alternative telecommunications and Internet service providers that have wholesale agreements with MATÁV; these companies may sell the service together with their own Internet service to end users, for the time being in the area of Budapest. By next year the service will be available in the major towns, as well.

The launch of the new service package is expected to give a boost to teleworking and distance learning in Hungary, and also open new vistas for content services, for e-commerce and e-marketing.