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Changes of area codes and phone numbers in the United Kingdom

Budapest, September 19, 2000

The numbering system of the telephone network in the United Kingdom is undergoing continual upgrading. In the course of this process, the area codes have changed to 2-digit numbers, and the phone numbers have universally changed to 8-digit numbers.

In August, the area code of Cardiff changed from 1222 to 29, and the area code of Coventry changed from 1202 to 24. On September 2nd, the code of Southampton changed from 1703 to 23, and the phone numbers changed to 8-digits.

On September 16th, the area codes of Northern Ireland universally changed to 28, and the existing 5- or 6-digit phone numbers were changed to 8-digits.

As of October 14th, the existing area codes of London (171 and 181) will universally change to 20, and the existing 7-digit phone numbers will be changed to 8-digit numbers.

The country code of 44 belonging to Great Britain and Northern Ireland remains unchanged.

After implementation of the changes, telephone subscribers can only be accessed by the new 2-digit area codes and the 8-digit phone numbers

The International Directory Assistance Service (dial 199) provides detailed information regarding the changes of phone numbers.