Press Releases

The New Matáv

Budapest, January 16, 2001

The corporate strategy announced with the objective of preparing for liberalization includes Matáv's "renewal". The change of the corporate identity will reflect a company that is able to cope with the targets defined by its Mission and is aiming at achieving them. The renewed corporate identity will include a change in the logo, slogan, musical tune, the Internet home page and communication style.

An era has come to an end in the life of Matáv: from an obsolete telecommunications network, the company has created a world-class driving force of the successfully renewed Hungarian economy. Matáv's new mission is to become a leading player of the information society and the new economy, while maintaining its leading position achieved in the Central and Eastern European region. The company is making the advanced achievements of telecommunications and information technology available to the widest scope of customers, offering solutions that support customers in creating a more meaningful, successful and human future.

Matáv is using its unique experiences and significant achievements gained on the Hungarian telecoms market to work on meeting its objectives, satisfying the demands of customers and complying with the expectations of its shareholders.

The new era defined in the Mission requires a new corporate identity. Renewal is manifested in the changes in style, slogan, logo, musical tune and Internet home page. Matáv's new corporate identity features convey dynamism and vigorousness.

The basic idea behind the new logo is the experience of our childhood when we listened through a sea-shell pressed to the ear to the murmur of the sea, the sounds of the universe and had the experience that we could learn all about the world. The triple unity of the logo reflects the triple unity of space-time-action. The dot as a sign of information and thoughts, encompasses time, defines the starting point, the origin of all things. The sea-shell collects and amplifies this signal. The logo refers to the @ of the World Wide Web, too.

The new slogan ("Matáv. More than just words") means: Matáv's services surpass the traditional opportunities of communication and even telecommunications itself. Matáv is creating connection between people that exceeds words; the company is not only talking about the values important for people but also makes them available. The novelty of the new Matáv tune, harmonized with the concept of changed corporate identity, is the merit of its composer, Ákos Kovács (alias "Ákos").

The new style will appear in corporate communication attitudes that are transparent (to give clear answers to the customers' questions that can be understood by non-professionals as well), polite with a human touch (to understand and support customers to the greatest extent in solving their communication demands), helpful (to show customers how to get the most out of telecommunication tools), dynamic (to show a company full of strength and energy, carrying on the dynamic growth of the nineties).

The Internet home page will present both new content and form. The portal site-type presentation is aligned to current trends, showing on the front page the latest news and events of the company, important press releases and promotional campaigns. The features of the new corporate identity here are the simple, streamlined claret-gray design, the flash animations and the first beats of the new Matáv tune during downloading. The transformation of the web site will continue later this year, as will offer new user-friendly solutions and interactive services.

The features of Matáv's changed corporate identity will be presented to the public in the printed and electronic media in a campaign launched on January 18.