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Launching of Multipoint, Hungary's regular customer program with the widest range of outlets

Budapest, October 16, 2001

OTP Bank, MOL and Matáv are launching a joint regular customer program under the name Multipoint. The companies, market leaders in their fields, offer the widest points earning opportunities to their customers in the frame of the new program. Multipoint is a strategic alliance among the major, market leader companies of the country which is at present the regular customer program accepted in the greatest number of places.

By using the Multipoint card the customers of the three companies now automatically collect points on the sums they spend, assuming unchanged consumer habits, so they can benefit from purchase of goods, refueling, or making phone calls. The condition for earning points is that the customers must pay with the Multipoint card at the places of acceptance. The valuable points collected can be used for purchase of products or services of any kind available at the MOL petrol stations, and the points can also be exchanged for products in the Multipoint gifts catalogue.

When applying for a Multipoint card, customers are simultaneously provided with a point collecting card and an OTP bank card, which means that besides earning points the customers enjoy all the benefits offered to holders of OTP bank cards. In addition to the above the customers do not have to change their purchasing habits to earn points. They can make payment in full security with the Multipoint card, in the same way as with a bank card, refuel the car or purchase goods at the MOL petrol stations, or at Matáv Pont retail outlets, the points are credited automatically on the same card, in the frame of one single transaction. Matáv provides bonus points on the monthly phone bills which are credited on the points account of the Multipoint card, in the same way as the points accumulated through shopping.

In the frame of the Multipoint program customers have the option of collecting points together with their family members, as more than one Multipoint card can be assigned to an account. The points earned by the Multipoint cards assigned to a particular account are added up, so the users can collect the points required for the gifts sooner, which they can retrieve by using any of the Multipoint cards attached to the bank account.

Holders of the Multipoint card can make payments and acquire points by using the Multipoint card at over 20,000 ATMs accepting Eurocard/MasterCard and Maestro cards, in addition to that they have access to over 6000 outlets recognized by OTP Bank, the MOL petrol station network of close to 400 outlets, and over 20 Matáv points. The services of Matáv are available in over 70 percent of the territory of Hungary.

Those who apply for Multipoint cards between 17 October 2001 and 31 October 2002 do not have to pay the card fee for the first year, and this year the card-holders also get 150 initial points.

Multipoint cards can be requested at 411 OTP branches, on the web site of the program, (, in 20 Matáv Pont retail outlets, and at the MOL petrol station network with close to 400 members.

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