Press Releases

Phone number change in Greece

10 29, October 29, 2001

A new numbering system will be introduced in the Greek telephone service on January 8, 2002. From this date a zero has to be added before dialing a subscriber number in the fixed line network. Phone numbers will have a uniform 10 digits within the country. To call a number first dial zero, then the area number, followed by the subscriber number.

The new numbering system has already been put into operation. Subscribers can be reached at present in both the old and new ways but from January 8, 2002 only the new system can be used.

To make a phone call from Hungary to Greece dial the country code number 30, but a zero must now be added between the area number and the subscriber number (e.g. Athens 00-30-1-0xxxxxxxx).

If you have any further questions, please call the International Directory Assistance Service on the phone number 199.