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Matáv launches tariff package without monthly fee and call set-up charges

Budapest, September 3, 2001

With Matáv's new Kontroll tariff package, that works on principles similar to the prepaid card services of the mobile operators, telephone costs become precisely plannable. The subscriber can use the full amount shown on the Kontroll card for making telephone calls within a specified period of time, without having to pay a monthly fee or call set-up charges, and there are no monthly bills either.

Residential customers with an analog telephone line can make calls with the Kontroll tariff package without a monthly fee or call set-up charges, and at a rate billed by the second independently from the time of day. The customer can be called on the same telephone number and can make domestic or international calls or send fax messages up to the credit of the card. The subscriber can make calls with the Kontroll package from any Matáv telephone station, not only his own, and with the ID number and the PIN code, several parties can even make calls from different Matáv telephone stations, simultaneously, using the credit of the same Kontroll package.

Where this is technically feasible, Matáv will also provide a Voice Mail Box free of charge for the duration of the tariff package. The tariff package is available from the Matáv Pont shops or may be ordered at the toll-free Matáv customer care number 1212. The 90-day card costs HUF 12 000 and the 180-day card HUF 22 000.

The card can be recharged any time during its validity or within 10 days of its expiry.


Kontroll package rates:

The user of the Kontroll package does not pay a monthly fee or call set-up charges (although there is call a set-up charge for pager calls at 06 50 6xx xxx); during the validity of the package, only the call charge is deducted from the prepaid amount.

The use of the other services available in the menu (balance inquiry, PIN code change, etc.) is free of charge.

For transparency, we give the call charges in HUF/minute, but naturally the customer pays only for the seconds actually used. When balance information is requested, we give the amount of remaining credit rounded to the nearest forint.
In the Kontroll package no distinction is made between peak and off-peak periods.

  Call direction         HUF/minute with VAT  
Local + long distance (I)
20 HUF
Long distance (II) + domestic long distance (III)
40 HU
International 1
95 HUF
International 2
100 HUF
International 3
100 HUF
International 4
310 HUF
International 5
365 HUF
International 6
440 HUF
Pager (06 50-3xx-xxx; 06 50-4xx-xxx)
45 HUF per call
Pager (06 50-6xx-xxx)
90 HUF + call set-up fee
Westel (06 30)
66.25 HUF
Westel 450 (06 60)
66.25 HUF
Pannon GSM (06 20)
66.25 HUF
Vodafone (06 70)
70 HUF
Domestic blue number (06 40)
20 HUF
Domestic green number (06 80)
Free of charge
International green number
Free of charge
06 51 2xx-xxx
20 HUF
06 51 3xx-xxx
15 HUF
06 51 6xx-xxx
Free of charge
Televoting (06 81)
72.50 HUF per call
International directory assistance (199)
106.25 HUF per call