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Sustainability Media Club Launched with Support of Leading Local Media Groups and Magyar Telekom

Budapest, March 8, 2011 15:30

At the initiative of Magyar Telekom a Sustainability Media Club has been set up with the involvement of leading local organs of the printed, electronic and online press. Apart from Magyar Telekom, RTL Club, TV2, Sanoma, Class FM and the CEMP Group (Index), the Origo, Metropol and Axel Springer are members of the Club, the purpose of which is to help familiarize with the concept of sustainability, its practical implications and everyday examples by an increasingly broader audience. Members have voted for demonstrating through their own means and channels, in a form that is easy to understand for and easily accessible by the audience and with the help of specific examples how we can live sustainability in everyday life and what we all can do for a viable future. Part of the initial program of the Sustainability Club is a competition system and a prize to be established for the press.

Sustainability is a concept, which is not easy to understand, the simple and easy-to-understand communication of which to all is a gap filling endeavour due its shallow understanding by the audience at large. Merely 5% of Hungary's population are aware of what sustainable development really means. The aim of the Sustainability Media Club is to provide for the audience a "consumable" clarification of what the concept means and popularize it, in the first place, through practical examples. Founders of the Club assume a personal responsibility for the value creating work and they will provide a key focus on the topic in their programs and on their sites, while continuously keeping an eye on publicizing the goals and achievement of sustainable development, i.e. the long-term vision as well as the need to harmonise the social, economic and environmental factors as their prerequisite.

Magyar Telekom initiated the Sustainability Media Club in the framework of the "hello tomorrow!" movement and it has won over to it Hungary's major media players. A competition system and a prize for journalists are also part of the club's initial program for 2011. In every quarter of the year civil organisations may apply with their own sustainability projects for support in the topic of the definition, importance and goals of sustainable development. Members of the Media Club are going to select the competition papers in a personal meeting with their implementation to be financed by Magyar Telekom.
Also in 2011 the Media Club is to set up a Sustainability Press Prize to recognise journalists, editors and broadcasters who have contributed most to communicating the topic in the given period of time. The prize to be ensured by Magyar Telekom will be handed over once in a year. This year the winner will be announced for the very first time in September, on the 4th Sustainability Day.
Find out more about the hello tomorrow! program at the web site.