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Magyar Telekom wins Best Employer title

Budapest, October 17, 2012 10:00

Magyar Telekom came in second in the large corporation category and thus won a Best Employer title at Aon Hewitt’s Best Employer Survey 2012. The largest Hungarian telecommunication company achieved second place in the category of companies of more than 1000 employees at the survey assessing employee satisfaction based on feedback by employees among close to 100 Hungarian companies. The company, winning one of the top three places, is entitled to use the Best Employer title for three years.

Aon Hewitt has surveyed the commitment of employees to their employers in Hungary for the twelfth time. In addition to commitment, the survey also assessed the quality of people management, performance focus, attractive employer image and sustainable development as criteria, which have all been fulfilled by the winning contestants. The survey, which compiled the feedback of more than 30000 employees and close to 500 senior executives of the close to 100 companies, offered the Best Employer title in the categories of companies of less than 250 employees, ones of more than 250 but less than 1000 employees and large corporations of more than 1000 employees, as well as based on the companies’ respective industries. Magyar Telekom won the title that reflects the satisfaction and commitment of its employees in the large corporation category, and may use it for three years.

Magyar Telekom’s Chairman-CEO, Christopher Mattheisen commented upon the Best Employer title won by the company as follows: "It is a great pleasure for me that Magyar Telekom has won again the Best Employer title. Even more so, as the title was awarded based solely on the feedback of employees and thus shows that Telekom people are much more committed to their employer, Magyar Telekom, than the average employee in Hungary. Magyar Telekom operates in one of the most exciting and most successful industries, posing new challenges for all of our employees on a daily basis. Our goal is to make Magyar Telekom not only a good place to work, but one where it is really good to perform and grow. That is why we empower our colleagues to work as independently as possible, while accepting the responsibility for what they do. As we would like to be the best as a team, joint successes make us proud, inspire us to do even more and respect each other. We recognize the commitment demonstrated and the performance delivered by Telekom people by providing them competitive remuneration packages and fringe benefits the total value of which is unique in Hungary. We continue to do everything within our power to make Magyar Telekom a likable and livable workplace, and retain its prestigious position among Hungary’s most attractive employers."

Magyar Telekom’s responsible employer efforts have already earned several recognitions in the past, the latest example of which is the “Diverse Organization TOP 10” title won at the 2 nd Chance Conference in 2011 and the HR Oscar, founded by the Hungarian Association of Personnel Consultants, in November 2010. In March 2010, the company won the Golden Bridge prize awarded to the best HR team of the year. Following the Family-friendly Workplace 2008 Award, Magyar Telekom won the Best Employer title in 2009, based on feedback from its employees, and the Central and Eastern European Best Employer title in the summer of 2010. Magyar Telekom also holds a Healthy Workplace 2009 Award granted by the American Chamber of Commerce (AmCham).