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Cyclist-friendly Employer

Budapest, January 23, 2014 11:00

Telekom employees riding bikes during work prevented the emission of 2 tons of carbon dioxide. The ministry rewarded the company’s TeleBike system with the  award.

The Ministry of National Development announced the „Cyclist-friendly Employer 2013” competition, which was won by Telekom with its innovative, community bicycle rental system. The company promotes and communicates the program effectively, as Telekom employees biked 6,000 times between office buildings in May-November, contributing to reducing air pollution of the capital city.

Employers – small and large companies, as well as municipalities – could run for the „Cyclist-friendly Employer” title within the frame of the competition announced by the ministry (also responsible for transport), awarding the most exemplary initiatives. In 2013 Telekom’s unique, enviro-conscious bicycle rental system, TeleBike was awarded as such a program. Gábor Pukler, innovation and business development director of Magyar Telekom received the award at the award ceremony on January 22 from Dr. Pál Völner, state secretary of the Ministry of National Development, responsible for infrastructure.

Surveys revealed that the number of people using bicycles for transportation increases each year in Hungary, and the ministry intended to support this tendency. When judging bids entered until September, 2013 the following factors were taken into consideration: state of the bicycle infrastructure at the workplace, incentives and communication promoting biking within the company, examples set by corporate managers and attention paid to colleagues using bicycles for transportation. 

TeleBike, Telekom’s self-service, community bike rental system – awarded by the Ministry of National development – for the time being is unique in Hungary, enabling employees to rent city bikes free of charge, for a short time. Bikes can be used for commuting between four Budapest company sites, enabling employees to get from one meeting to the other during working hours swiftly and without generating any load on the environment. Bicycles – which can be used simply, using PIN codes or customer cards – became popular quickly in the company: between May and November, 2013 the 1,175 registered employees used TeleBike on 6,000 occasions and according to GPS data – installed in the bikes for protection purposes – the total distance covered by them was almost 11,000 kilometers. The initiative also fits the sustainability strategy of the company, as – beside walking – cycling is the most environmental friendly mode of transport. Supporting this statement: since the introduction of the system employees using TeleBike prevented the emission of more than 2 tons of carbon-dioxide by choosing this enviro-conscious transport mode.

The bicycle system was established by Telekom in close cooperation with Csepel Zrt, which provided the fleet of 40 bikes, as well as their transportation and regular maintenance. Telekom developed the concept, operated the registration system and developed the safety solution for the bikes, while also paying attention to the innovative, environmental friendly nature of the installation: for example the terminals used for rental are operated with solar cells.

The company’s employees can use the TeleBike service again from the spring of 2014. Telekom plans to improve the service by adding two new stations and further bicycles.