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Telekom was awarded the title of family friendly company

Budapest, November 7, 2014 10:15

At the Family Friendly Workplace conference organized by the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, the Magyar Telekom Group was awarded a high ranking prize. The Magyar Telekom Group won a special prize at the „Family Friendly Company 2014” competition.

The Award is offered to companies which contribute to strengthening the family friendly approach of the society and supporting families in raising children, through their family friendly operation and supporting the balance between work and private life. In the large enterprise category competition Magyar Telekom and its subsidiary T-Systems Magyarország were awarded a special prize, which according to the jury was earned by the wide variety of actions applied by the company in different life situations to support employees with families.

„We are doing our utmost to support the balance between work and private life, this is why we launched almost 8 years ago the highly successful Young Mother program in Telekom, and in T-Systems the Little Shoe program. We also introduced remote working on the last Friday of each month. We continue to do our utmost in order for Magyar Telekom and T-Systems Magyarország to be loveable and livable workplaces, to maintain their high ranking among the most attractive workplaces within Hungary” - said Éva Somorjai, chief human resources officer of the company, on the subject of winning the title.

The efforts of Magyar Telekom as a responsible employer were already appreciated earlier with numerous awards:  the company won the Family Friendly Workplace 2013 (Large Enterprise category) award, the Workplace Supporting Employees Living with Deficiencies award and on numerous occasions the „Versatile Organization TOP10” title – while T-Systems Magyarország won the Mentor Oscar award.

The Family Friendly Company competition was launched by the Three Princes Three Princesses Movement, already for the fifth year. The objective of the Movement is to raise the attention of employers to the family friendly approach; this should become part of corporate values, integrated in the corporate CSR strategies. Best practices should become known to ever more companies – so that others could also follow the example of the winners.