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Telekom awards responsibly operating Hungarian businesses again this year

Budapest, April 14, 2015 14:30

Magyar Telekom, true to its tradition, awards this year again those businesses who undertake an outstanding role in the area of sustainability. Telekom grants the DELFIN Award to Hungarian companies with outstanding commitment to sustainable development and which are role models in their sustainability performance relative to their overall performance.

By granting the DELFIN Award (Award for a Committed, Sustainable and Innovative Generation) established in 2008 by Magyar Telekom intends to promote the idea of sustainable development and to recognise the activities aimed at it. Any business operating in Hungary may apply for the award with projects, programs and developments with which it has made an exemplary step towards operating efficiently in sustainability terms.

Companies may apply with projects implemented or programs operational in 2015 in the following four categories:

  • 1. Innovation implemented to enhance sustainability
  • 2. Supporting equal opportunities and freedom from discrimination
  • 3. Investment and development related to climate protection
  • 4. Sustainability awareness raising and education

Applications are to be submitted electronically by the deadline of May 1, 2015.
The DELFIN Award will be handed over at Telekom’s 16th Sustainability Round Table on June 12, 2015.

Winners will, in addition to receiving Péter Botos’s piece of glass art and a Lenovo Miix Hybrid computer, also be invited to Telekom Sustainability Day later this year, where they can introduce their achievements in the area of sustainability. Magyar Telekom and the Sustainability Media Club will also provide media publicity to introduce winning solutions.

Members of the expert jury to assess and rank applications will be indepedent expert Péter Bodó (Conscious Customers’ Association), editor-reporter András D. Tóth (RTL Klub, Sustainability Media Club), associate professor Dr. György Pataki (Corvinus University), journalist Ernő Simon, and Katalin Szomolányi, head of Telekom’s Corporate Sustainability Center.

Detailed terms of application are available at Telekom’s corporate web site: Delfin díj 2015