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Renewed channel assortment, numerous novelties in Telekom TV

Budapest, January 7, 2015 11:00

Telekom welcomes TV watchers to the screen with a substantially simplified, transparent and unified mini tariff package assortment, as well as new channels and increasing HD portfolio.

As another important step of Telekom’s thrive for simplifying its product portfolio, consequent to negotiations carried out with program providers, the company renewed its TV channel assortment. Subscribers to Telekom TV can enjoy the more transparent and simplified mini package structure with versatile thematic, while mini packages become unified on the different Telekom TV platforms (IPTV, satellite and cable).

New subscribers of Telekom TV can choose from two mini packages – rather differentiated from each other in terms of thematic – making the experience of watching TV at home even more complete. The brand new ”Nagyvilág” (Great World) package includes 20 infotain-like channels (news, documentary, music and foreign language channels), while the other package named ”Filmvilág” (World of Films) includes 18 channels, where lovers of feature films and tales will find their favorite programs.

Beside the thematic structuring of channels, the assortment of mini packages also increased four times. Travel Channel – as part of Nagyvilág – offers programs like Travel Addicts (“Utazásfüggők”) introducing improvised weekend trips, or International Home Hunters (“Nemzetközi házvadászok”) about people seeking new homes from Denmark to Dominica, or Extreme holidaymakers (“Extrém nyaralók”) giving an insight into the most pompous weekend houses, or the program named the World of Mysteries, about the secrets and mysteries of the world’s most known buildings. The brand new gastro channel - targeting housewives – named Food Network is also part of the Nagyvilág (Great World) mini package, offering content related to cooking in the kitchen at daytime and entertaining programs with gastro thematic at night.

The novelty of Filmvilág mini package is Cartoon Network – offering numerous cartoon and animated series, Boomerang offering easy entertainment and education to children, as well as the Comedy Central Extra channel (offering a somewhat more extreme version of humor accustomed to on Comedy), where weekly episodes of Workaholics or the 16 Emmy award holder Daily Show and Colbert Report can also be followed in original English language. Beside the two new mini packages, the assortment continues to include the HBO package (HBO PAK and HBO MAXPAK), the Nightlife packages offering adult content, as well as Classica offering classical music or the channel Fishing&Hunting. These channels can also be chosen separately.

Further to simplifying and adding more content to mini packages, Telekom also took customers into consideration using the Telekom TV Family package, by making Universal Channel and the newly launched Galaxy part of the offering, on all TV platforms.

Starting today, lovers of high quality, versatile thematic HD channels are also in for a surprise: Telekom expanded the assortment of the Family+HD tariff package. Viewers using digital cable TV and IPTV can now watch 4 new channels (RTL II HD, Cool HD, Film+ HD and Natgeo Wild HD), therefore subscribers to the Family+HD tariff package can enjoy 21 HD channels, for the same price. Further to the 4 new HD channels, within the Sat TV Family+HD assortment, channels Duna HD, Duna World HD, ATV HD, Sport 2 HD, Eurosport 2 HD and MTV Live HD will also be available, hence making the HD portfolio identical in all digital TV service offered by Telekom.

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