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Hungarian application winning Deutsche Telekom’s „Best International Internet of Things solution“ award

Budapest, July 9, 2015 13:00

  • Telekom's „Business Wall of Fame” contest for this year had been closed with entries of 28 applications from Hungary.
  • The jury awarded the prize for the best Hungarian business application to the e-Access solution of Accessium Kft, which, at the same time, also won the grand prize of Deutsche Telekom's international competition, the title of the „Best International IoT solution”.
  • The applications having been entered in the competition are shown on the site.

Business applications to provide great help for small and medium sized businesses built on their real needs were entered to the contest titled „Business Wall of Fame” Telekom announced back in April. The grand prize, a 10-million HUF worth advertising campaign went to the Accessium Kft. having developed the e-Access cloud based access control system.

The e-Access system has been created through dovetailing access systems, wireless technology and the most advanced data protection procedures. The solution allows an unlimited number of unified and interconnected locations to interact and is extremely flexible to handle. What is more, the e-Access concept is not only applicable for the classic building environment but also to vehicles such as trucks, remote areas like farms or even to places where a wired telecommunication infrastructure is not available at all. The cloud-based system communicating through the mobile network can be operated remotely by both mobile and tablet. In the course of the system's online operation we obtain real-time information about all the assets integrated in the system and their state.

Péter Berende, CEO of Accessium Kft. said: „We created e-Access because we saw the real need for small and medium businesses to protect their premises against unlawful entry and theft. It is a very cost effective solution and extremely easy to set up and operate. As an added benefit, the consumption of e-Access is so minimal that it is possible to operate the system exclusively via solar power.”

Deutsche Telekom invited developments and ideas from eight countries of the Central-Eastern European region to the international competition the aim of which is to introduce to small and medium size businesses how many variaties of innovative IoT solutions are available to them even today already to simplify and support their everyday work. The competitors are to invent the best IoT based business applications to turn more simple and efficient the daily activities of small and medium businesses.

750 thousand clicks, close to half million visitors and over four hundred thousand votes–the international round of the competition closed with these figures. In the Hungarian competition 3102 voted for the various applications. Developments offering really useful applications for SMBs made it among the best ones, as the votes for the applications having been entered came from small and medium businesses. 28 applications were nominated in the Hungarian competition by the firms having developed them and the e-Access solution won among them. The jury decided on July 7 about the international winners, when the Hungarian development came out first from among the applications of 160 competitors.

„We managed to came across several innovative and valuable ideas among this year's entries and we do hope that small and medium businesses will become increasingly more open to the latest technologies supporting them in their everyday work as well” – said Péter Lakatos, Magyar Telekom's Chief Commercial Officer SMB, who was, at the same time, a member of the international and the Hungarian juries. He added: „Magyar Telekom is committed to the development of technologies for small and medium businesses as it is an important element of the impelementation of the vision of Digital Hungary” .

The applications having been entered in the competition can still be seen at the hompage of the competition on the site.