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Telekom's brand new events series "ELECTRONIC BEATS CITY FESTIVAL" reaching Budapest

Budapest, July 1, 2015 16:00

Electronic Beats, Telekom's exclusive music program has been involved for 15 years already through high-profile events in the music life of Europe's major cities. This year Telekom makes its appearance with a completely new series of events compared to previous years, which contain several surprises and is called the "Electronic Beats City Festival”.

One of the key locations of the series of festivals in the autumn will be Budapest, where fans of contemporary electronic music can emerge themselves in a unique musical and visual experience: the stages of the Akvárium Klub in Budapest will be taken by international and local performing artists and DJ's on October 16 and 17.
Site will subsequently provide information on the detailed program, the performing artists and purchasing tickets.

Briefly about Electronic Beats
electronic_beatsElectronic Beats launched back in 2000 is Telekom's international music program, encompassing live events all over Europe, a quarterly prize winner printed magazine, a series of online videos EB.TV offering an insight into the world of electronic music and the website, which is updated daily. In this latter portal, beside videos that document live events, introduce musicians and their music, furthermore videos offering other exclusive contents as well as a radio channel called EB Radio offering streaming broadcasts, downloadable podcasts and mixes available in 24 hours a day on all seven days of the week, everything else is available related to topical European club music, events, artists and cultural life.