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NMHH and Magyar Telekom sign administrative contract in the interest of subscribers

Budapest, June 26, 2015 11:00

In the interest of subscriber rights and in full compliance with legal provisions, NMHH investigated in the course of an administrative procedure the intended July 1 bilateral amendment of contracts of Magyar Telekom, concerning the fees of residential mobile services. The procedure has been concluded by an administrative contractbetween NMHH and Magyar Telekom, which has settled in a progressive manner the situation that emerged in relation to the amendment and thus ensures the assertion of subscriber rights.

SMagyar Telekom has stated with respect to the administrativecontract that the protection of subscriber interests is of key importance and thus it cooperated with the authority throughout the investigation. This has resulted, in compliance with the autority’s requirements, in amendment and extension of the subscriber information delivered to subscribers in May 2015 regarding its offer to bilaterally amend its contracts as of July 1, 2015.

The service provider has extended and detailed its communication concerning the amendment to provide complete information to subscribers and draw their attention with yet another notification to their rights. The subscribers may state within 15 days upon receiving the service provider's offer concerning the bilateral amendment of the contract that they do not accept it, in which case the contract remains in force with unchanged terms. Postpaid subscribers will find the notification in the first invoice they receive after July 1, 2015, while Domino (prepaid) subscribers will be notified in a text message. The extended information is available on the service provider's website at Subscribers who indicate their refusal to accept the amendmentduring the above period will continue to be served under the previous terms of their respective contracts.

The extended information does not apply to subscribers who signed their subscriber contract following May 1, 2015 and have already accepted the new tariffs disclosed by the service provider.

The authority will continuously review compliance with the administrativecontractand the service provider undertakes to keep the authority informed in this regard.

The authority welcomes the signing of the contract and considers it to be an important step as it enabled the fast and efficient conclusion of the investigation and hence serves the interests of the large number of subscribers concerned. The authority emphasises at the same time that it continues to expect market players to fully respect legal provisions and that it will assert resolutely their protection in the future as well.

By signing the contract the service provider and the authority have expressed their commitment to the efficient safeguarding of subscriber interests.  Budapest, June 26, 2015

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