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The 87-year-old Hungarian female chess master set the

Budapest, June 29, 2015 16:00

The 87-year-old Hungarian female chess master set the world record
Aunt Bici has played over 13,600 games of chess personally and relying on 4G mobile net!
A Hungarian female chess master set the new world record of simultaneous chess games. Brigitta Sinka - better known as Aunt Bici in the world of chess - broke the unofficial 100-year-old record of legendary Cuban chess player José Raúl Capablanca by over 13,600 games of chess. The Cuban played a total of 13,545 simultaneous games in the 1920s. Aunt Bici has been working for years to surpass this outstanding achievement and set her own world record.

Telekom decided to embrace this enterprise of Brigitta Sinka coming from Békésszentandrás, so that she can accomplish her aim as soon as possible comfortably, without the need to travel, through 4G mobile Internet. On the web site of partners could challenge Aunt Bici for a game through the Internet, on a smartphone or even a tablet. Over 8 thousand players registered on the site and the chess master played games against several hundred players through 4G. If she had played these games in the traditional way, she would have needed lots of time, serious organizing work and lots of kilometres covered.

Aunt Bici, who was awarded the Golden Cross of Merit of the Republic of Hungary, is a two-time silver medalist in the Hungarian women’s chess championship and has been nominated twice for the Chess Olympics. During her career in chess spanning a good half century she has been in contact with several global stars, including world champions Bobby Fischer, Boris Spassky and Mikhail Tal.

It is interesting to note how simultaneous games came into the life of Aunt Bici: she has won the silver medal twice in the Hungarian women’s championship, so she qualified for the world championship, but once she was prevented by political reasons and once she could not participate because her passport was granted too late. However, the competitor who arrived too late was offered the opportunity to play simultaneous games. Since then simultaneous games have been in the centre of the life of Aunt Bici, and today she plays on-line as well, since she learned how to use the Internet and the chess application developed by Telekom on her tablet. 4G mobile Internet has enabled the chess master to a globally unique achievement and to fulfill her dreams.