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Domino 4G kick-off

Budapest, March 23, 2015 11:00

From now on Telekom customers using top-up cards will be able to take advantage of the benefits of the 4G mobile internet service.

Telekom is making available the 4G network also for its top-up card customers, which means the 4G mobile internet service is becoming available with Domino mobile internet tariff packages as well. This means that Telekom’s all currently available residential tariff packages are now 4G enabled.

The condition for the service’s availability is a 4G enabled device and also a 4G enabled SIM card. However the SIM cards of customers using Telekom’s top-up card tariff packages are not suitable for connecting the 4G network. For this reason customers will have to replace their SIM cards if they want to use the service. The 4G enabled SIM cards can be ordered free of charge at Telekom’s website at Customers can comfortably receive their ordered SIM cards in their homes from the delivery service. The SIM card replacement does not affect the customers’ telephone numbers which remain the same and there will be no need to change the tariff package either.

The 4G service opens up a new dimension of mobile internet for users who will be able to perceive the real new experience of surfing the net. Due to the reduction of response times, sites are uploaded more quickly during browsing and large size photos and videos can be shared in seconds, and no one will have to go any longer without the experience of seamless video usage.