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Cow rumen PH-tester, water efficient showerhead, map application for wheelchair users–this year's TechShow is approaching!

Budapest, May 28, 2015 15:00

This year will see the seventh Hungarian Innovation TechShow (HITS with its English abbreviation) is to be organised, where those interested can familiarize with the Hungarian innovations and most exciting developments of the digital industry. The chief sponsor of the event Magyar Telekom will introduce TechShow visitors this year its real time patient information and resource allocation system.

The Hungarian Innovation TechShow will be organised by the Mobility and Multimedia Cluster at the Akvárium Klub on May 26. The 20 exhibitors of the TechShow have been selected from applicants by a joury composed of large company decision makers, IT professionals, investors and representatives of the professional media. A new feature of the show is that the event will be organised in the form of so called „fireside chats”, which are the popular on-stage conversation of American conferences that provide for informality.

Among the innovations to be introduced this year we can meet for example the 5Litres application using which we can have shower easily using one tenth of the usual amount of water. Among others Route4u will also be there, which helps wheelchair mobility by the maps users generate automatically. Moow is a really special device and application using which the pH value of cows' rumen can be checked with the help of a tester to reveal in good time if cows are exposed to the risk of acidosis, which is the most common cause of mortality among these animals. And presenting itself will be Beerides, an application, which is also based on a highly ingenious idea and lets the use of cars left at the airport during travel.

Roland Krascsenics, director of Magyar Telekom's non-core business areas said: „As an innovative service provider we attach importance to every initiative that contributes to enabling Hungarian technological ideas make their pitch locally and internationally. Therefore we have been the chief sponsor of Hungary's major start up event, which looks back on the greatest traditions. In addition, the TechShow is also an excellent ground for obtaining inspiration, new business trends and finding new partnerships.”

Telekom is going to present one of its e-health services at the event. The aim of the real time patient information and resource allocation system based on advance mobile technology is to support through an advanced IT solution the care of the patient visiting the health facility, from the moment of arrival to that of departure. In addition a highlight of the event will be the competition Deutsche Telekom has announced for business applications of 8 Central and East European countries where it has affiliate companies and in the framework of which the best innovative, Internet of Things (IoT) based solutions developed expressly for business customers are to be found. Kitchen Budapest, Telekom's innovation and incubation laboratory will introduce in the TechShow the development of the YoUniverse team incubated in the framework of its Talent Program, which is a table football game controlled by brain sensors.