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Telekom - MVM Veszprém: Extended Cooperation Agreement!

Budapest, November 9, 2015 16:00

Telekom renewed a cooperation agreement that is of vital importance with regards to the future of the Veszprém handball team. As the highlighted and most loyal supporter of MVM Veszprém, the largest telecommunication service provider of Hungary will assist the team in successfully preparing for both local and international matches in the 2015/2016 and 2016/2017seasons not only with financial contribution, but also providing telecommunication services and tools.

„Telekom as a correct partner has been supporting our team for 18 years, and consequent to the recently extended agreement we shall celebrate the 20th anniversary of our cooperation in 2017. We owe gratitude to our loyal supporter and we believe that our partner can be satisfied with our results achieved in the Hungarian and international championships. This cooperation may also be indicative to both our existing and future supporters” – said Gábor Kálomista, co-chairman of MVM Veszprém.

„We extend our sponsorship agreement with one of the most successful sports teams of Hungary; their performance is outstanding and exemplary, also at the international level. Naturally, further to the financial support we also assist the successful activity of the handball team with our marketing and communication services, as well as mobile telecommunication tools” – said Chris Mattheisen, CEO of Magyar Telekom.

„I am proud that back in 1997, still in our old sports hall I could participate at the festive event, where the market leading mobile operator committed itself towards our team. With my team mates we are very happy to have a sponsor which has been well-known for its affection for sports even at that time. The professional cooperation continuously promoted the formation of sports friendships, as well. It was good to know that the sponsor is also one of our most enthused supporter” – said József Éles, former two times world team player of the club.

„We owe gratitude to Telekom and we believe that the extension of this cooperation agreement is not only appreciation of the results we achieved so far, but may also be encouragement for the club, players and fans. The joint roles these two parties take represent the meeting of two outstanding qualities, without exaggeration.  As for myself, I would be happy to be part of the Hungarian champion team in the 20th anniversary year as well, and even happier if we succeeded in acquiring the first position also in the Champions’ League” – said László Nagy, team captain of the two times Champions’ League winner MVM Veszprém.