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Share and eat it! – 3 tonns of cookies in the spirit of sharing

Budapest, November 24, 2015 11:00

They bake it and share it with all, this time not only virtually: owners of a special campaign are baking the cookie recipe* shared the most frequently on the Hungarian internet. 100 thousand helpings of altogether 3 tonns of cookies will be available for tasting on four Budapest locations on November 25.

First cook the puding, and then, when you removed it from the cooker, mix sugar, coconut flakes, rum or rum extract, a dash of salt with it and let it cool. It starts as a totally commonplace recipe, yet the description of how to prepare the mixed cocoa and coconut cookie has become the most frequently shared cookie recipe recently in Hungary.

A Hungarian housewife living in France, Mónika shared one of the family's favourite sweeties over 3 years ago on the recipe sharing site Mónika never surmised her mixed cocoa and coconut cookie would soon turn into a favourite of not only her family: thousands of housewives and sweets fans would popularize it on the internet. By now over one hundred thousand people have shared it to break all records so far.

Gastronomy related topics are especially popular in the community media and photos of foods verbatimly  flood Instagram and Pinterest, as recipes do Facebook.

However there is still a better way of sharing the recipe of the cookie this time: i.e. sharing it in reality. Telekom has undertaken to do that: it is going to cook and distribute 100 thousand helpings of the cookies, which is the same number as the times of the recipe having been shared digitally. Each of the 3,600 boxes distributed on four locations contains 25 helpings of the cookies, so those who will get hold of a box will be able to share its content with their friends, acquaintances or even unknown passers by. The total weight of the boxes weighing 850 gramm each is 3 tonns.

The cookies will be shared on Wednesday, November 25, at the following four points of time and locations in Budapest:

  • 8:00 Design Terminál
  • 10:30 Csarnok tér
  • 15:30 Gozsdu Udvar
  • 18:00 Akvárium Klub

„What we would like to demonstrate by the campaign is that sharing is more than just a click on the online interface. We believe in the real power of sharing and trust that it is good to share the important moments of our life with others" - said Péter Tibor Juhász, the head of Magyar Telekom's residential communications.

Telekom encourages us to share when we meet with the cookie once again on Instagram by using the #megosztasereje hashtag, because the photos tagged in this way can be printed where the cookies have been shared and we can take them home.

*(The author of the recipe) uploaded the recipe in 2012 on the website, where looking through the previous year's results relative to April 2015 (Neticle survey in the topic of recipes of most frequently shared cookies, then running them on BuzzSum for a search this recipe comes out in the receptneked web site as the one to excel with the highest number of sharings in the category of cookies and deserts). According to research in April 2015 this recipe has become the most frequently shared desert recipe of the Hungarian Internet (times 75,945 and times 102,642 according to April 2015, respectively November 2015 data).
The original url of the recipe is: