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Telekom and FTC: Main Sponsor Agreement

Budapest, November 28, 2015 17:30

Today the Ferencváros Sports Club ( FTC) and Magyar Telekom signed a long term, three years agreement

By signing the agreement, Telekom intends to intensify its cooperation with the Ferencváros Sports Club ( FTC), which already dates back to earlier. Since 2014 the company has been supporting the succession building activities of FTC, the most traditional Hungarian football team, and from now on Telekom will be the main sponsor of the adult football team, contributing even more to the successes achieved by the club.

The agreement announced today is aligned with the general sport sponsorship strategy of Telekom, as well as the international support scheme of the mother company: as the leading Hungarian telecommunication service provider, the company assists the work of the most popular and successful players within the Hungarian sports universe: including the Hungarian Olympic Committee, MVM Veszprém, the Hungarian Swimming Association and FTC.

„Within the company’s sponsorship activity – covering several sports disciples - Magyar Telekom strives at supporting disciplines and events which are dominant, attracting masses and in case of teams attracting fans from all around the country. On the token of this strategy, the company and Ferencváros Sports Club extend and strengthen their cooperation, which dates back to years. We hope that by signing this agreement today, as main sponsor we can also contribute to the club – having the most fans in Hungary – achieving the very best results both in the Hungarian and international football arena! We trust that this offers ample encouragement not only to the players, but also the fans of the club and all young people showing interest for football” – said Christopher Mattheisen, chief executive officer of Magyar Telekom. „The effects of serious work and thorough efforts are ever more showing within FTC. In 2015 the FTC football team won the Hungarian,-League, and Super Cups, while also earning the silver medal in the championship – and in the autumn season the team spectacularly left all others behind, leading the Hungarian championship, filled with self confidence. Among others, our successes are also contributed to the assistance of sponsors. A new sponsor may largely boost the team’s performance. Such a large and outstanding company like Telekom can be a great partner for the biggest and most popular football club. No matter how mighty our will and out FTC-heart  would be – we could not achieve the same successes without such significant, reliable and professionally operating companies like Telekom, considering Ferencváros worthy of their support. We hope that the cooperation works well and that through our performance we can express our gratitude for their trust. We shall be doing our utmost also in the coming period to earn trophies and achieve outstanding successes, making our joint mission memorable!” – said Gábor Kubatov, president of the Ferencváros Sports Club.

„From the early start on, our objective has always been to offer the highest level service to Ferencváros Sports Club, the most successful and popular football team of Hungary, as well as to satisfy all needs of our sponsors, partners and their guests.

The Groupama Aréna and the operator Lagardere Sports Hungary Kft. are honored to welcome Telekom as the new main sponsor of the football team of Ferencváros Sports Club, and we are sure that we have jointly won seasons, rich in successes, ahead of us” – said Csaba Siklósi, managing director of Lagardére Sports Hungary Kft. 

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