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Telekom helps Hungarian business to create their websites

Budapest, September 1, 2015 15:00

Telekom offers an easy-to-use service to all businesses that wish to establish their presence on the internet. The solution being introduced under the name of Webkönnyen offers micro, small and medium businesses the opportunity to establish a full-scope online presence for themselves for a monthly fee with no loyalty period attached.

Subscribers to Telekom’s Webkönnyen application, to be introduced in September, will only need to click on a series of buttons to create their websites. Any business can quickly create a professional website by simply following the instructions provided in Hungarian.  They can insert, arrange or modify trendy components, grouped into industry-specific themes, or even quickly change their websites’ content any time, without any specific graphic designer or programming skills required and in a cost effective manner.

„More and more people gather information and make purchases on the internet, which has by now become one of the quickest, most comfortable and easy-to-access information sources. No company, newly established or looking back upon years of operation, can afford anymore to not be accessible on the internet. That is in which, our company, as a business partner of the SMBs, strives to provide support, as we have been offering a full portfolio of services, beyond IT and telecommunication solutions, for a long time that can enable companies to make their business more effortless and to increase their revenues,” says Magyar Telekom’s CCO SMB, Péter Lakatos.

In addition to containing all essential website build functions and design components, like decorative, predesigned, industry-specific samples, various font types and background pictures, Webkönnyen offers, by means of a minimalist menu, a transparent and easy-to-use interface, resembling a word-processor layout. The service contains everything that a small business will need to enable others to locate it on the internet by a simple search targeted on the company’s name: email address, free-of-charge registration of its domain name and server space flexibly increased as required by the content of the website. If the company wishes to conduct sales transaction online, the additional Webkönnyen Shop feature enables it to create a professional web-shop, which can initiate transactions immediately.

Websites created through Webkönnyen can also be shared on the most popular social media. By means of the Facebook publish function, a Facebook profile can be set up with identical content at the touch of a button, and visitors of the website can like or share the new Facebook profile right away.

It is worth even for micro businesses of one or two employees to subscribe to the Webkönnyen service, as they can easily create complex and professional websites at a minimal cost that would have been possible only by complicated means and a staff of experts on the payroll before. You can launch your website with no risks or investment attached, as Webkönnyen is available for a monthly fee.

The Webkönnyen Business package is now available for free-of-charge until the end of the year. In case users find it to their liking, they can subscribe for monthly fees even as favorable as HUF 2990, with no loyalty period attached. You can read more about the service or access the free-of-charge trial version by clicking at