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The submission for Telekom Innovation Contest is open – Budapest hosts the Telekom Innovation Expo

Budapest, September 11, 2015 14:00

Innovators from all over the world can apply until October 15. Hungarian startups are also welcome.

Telekom Innovation Contest is seeking once again for smart innovators worldwide. Startups and innovators can apply until October 15 under in three categories. The contest is the unique access to the exclusive Innovation Expo in Budapest, where startups meet Deutsche Telekoms business units. Submission is open: Teams can apply from now on until October 15, startups and innovators from all over the world are invited to submit their ideas. According to Deutsche Telekoms hottest topics, the submitted solutions should cover one of the categories: Smart Data Analytics, Future Communication or Industry 4.0/ IoT. Because Deutsche Telekom is looking for mature ideas, the teams have to present at least a working prototype.

Innovation Expo Budapest – „You create. We connect“

For the first time, the applying teams have the chance to join a unique and invite-only event taking place in Budapest on November 12 this year. With the Innovation Expo a platform has been created to foster the exchange between the startup and the corporate world of Deutsche Telekom. Beside a spot on the expo the teams are invited to meet descision makers from Telekom’s business units, venture units and National Companies. „For Deutsche Telekom Startups are an important source of impulses and we are always seeking for entrepreneurs. We are excited to see which bright minds we will meet at the Expo in Budapest.“ said Dr. Heinrich Arnold, Senior Vice President Innovation & Laboratories of Deutsche Telekom and Global Head of Telekom Innovation Laboratories.

This years contest has been kicked off at Startup Night last saturday in Berlin. Teams of Startup Night had the opportunity to apply for the first from among the ten direct tickets for the Innovation Expo Budapest. The jury selected the startup „shopboostr“ whose solution increases conversion rates for web-shops by using big data analytics and behavioral-based algorithms to provide individual product- and purchasing incentives.

Image material of the winners and more information about the successful startups will be available soon at the following link: