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About the distance at the 8th Sustainability Day

Budapest, September 18, 2015 14:00

Distance is a peculiar term also in the social sense, as things being closer or further away from us impact our possibilities. Sometimes we would reduce distances, as so many things could be much closer – while on some other occasions we tend to distance ourselves from problems, as much as we can. How can distance be increased or reduced, how can one accept it? – participant to the 8th Sustainability Day are searching for the answers on September 26 at Millenáris.

On the occasion of the 8th Sustainability Day, Telekom awaits visitors with more than 40 exhibitors – operating in the field of sustainability – and exciting round table discussions. Within its sustainability related activities, the company focuses on harmonizing environment with social and economic areas, as well as the continuous review of their mutual impacts.

The 8th Sustainability Day starts with the highly inspiring presentation of Róbert Alföldi, who also introduces the round table discussions – available free of charge to everyone, throughout the day – where participants elaborate on distance, from different aspects.

Firstly, outlining the topic of distance within the environment, the presenters - Lea Bauer, associate of Biokontroll, the company controlling Hungarian agricultural products, Géza Varga, representing Galgafarm EcoVillage , János Varga, owner of a kiwi plantation in Becsehely and Dr. Gábor Vásárhelyi, head of the Statistician and Biological Research Group of MTA-ELTE – will discuss issues arising related to nutrition. While half the world is not afraid of GMO food, many are sworn believers of the bio markets. Meanwhile, quite a number of them fail to know exactly, what the items eaten by them are composed of.

After this, distances seen in the field of economy will be addressed. Ups and downs. A country – not long ago considered as an example to follow – may collapse economically within minutes – while others may start growing when not even the best prepared analysts expect it. Such phenomena are rather frequent all over the world, but how do macro economy trends evolve, what models the Spanish or even the Chinese economies follow? These questions will also be addressed in the conversations of round table participants: Péter Felcsuti, István Madár and Dr. András Vértes.

In the social section group the focus will be on poverty and social segregation. Instead of going in lengthy analyses of the topic, presenters will introduce examples of giving a chance to enable catching up in smaller or larger communities, or at least improve living conditions. Participants include László Bogdán, mayor of Cserdi helping the Roma population, Budapest Bike Maffia, bikers handing out food to the homeless, Heti Betevő   Association organizing handing out food based on NGO donations, as well as Hajnalka Tarr, art director of Autistic art.

And obviously, the most timely topic, the issue of immigrants and emigration will also be addressed – representatives of CEU, the Helsinki Committee, UNHCR and Tárki will  share their views. To let in or let go? Open or close? Take in or accept? Call back home or keep away? Is there a good solution at all?

At this year’s Sustainability Day awards will also be handed over: the winners of the sustainability press competition will be announced, while at the event the awards of a special – music/slam, film making and creative – contest, titled „Te meddig vagy?” will also be presented.

The Sustainability Day – similarly to previous years – will be concluded with concerts ( Bohemian Betyars, Rotfront ) and DJ shows, lasting until the wee hours.

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The main organizer of the 8th Sustainability Day is Telekom, while the communication partner of the event is Fenntarthatósági Médiaklub.
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