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The grocery store over the corner sends information about promotions: Magyar Telekom launched a new business service package under the name of Leading Data

Budapest, December 7, 2016 15:00

Based on Big Data analytics, Magyar Telekom offers a new product portfolio which by grouping data available within Telekom enables Hungarian companies to better target their customers with propositions and serve them at higher quality. Data driven operation may bring about serious commercial benefits for businesses.

The product portfolio includes the competences of Telekom and T-Systems Hungary, which now can be exploited also benefitting small and medium size enterprises, as well as large companies. Footfall Analytics for example is also included, which enables the monitoring of customers nearby stores, analyzing them by demographic features, keeping track of what time and how many of them were in the proximity of the stores. Using this service enables the optimization of opening hours for example, the product portfolio while it is also a useful tool in selecting the most appropriate location for a new store opening, as well as in finding the most frequented sites of outdoor advertisements.

The Smart Campaigns service is partially built on data retrieved from Footfall Analytics, and partially from the own analyses of the business entities. This enables stores to send messages to their target groups which are always relevant to customers in time and location, informing them about the latest targeted offers.

The ever increasing scope of Leading Data services provide maximal protection for the personal rights of customers (customer data is used solely for anonymously in Footfall Analytics, Smart Campaigns for customer service contribution to the advance of the need to request), while merchants can also learn a lot more about their potential buyers. “There is a right direction for each Hungarian company, if it should start working on migrating over to data driven operation, in other words to make decisions based on their own processed data” – said Dobó Mátyás, Product House director of Telekom. According to the expert data as a tool will also gain value, becoming the basis for a business enterprise.