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Immmr: One number for every need

Barcelona/Bonn, February 23, 2016 16:00

  • Deutsche Telekom showcases immmr – the first device- and network-independent communications concept – in Barcelona
  • Immmr combines the best of Internet-based communication with the advantages of mobile communication
  • immmr makes it possible to use a single mobile number from any device
  • New service to be launched in the second half of 2016

Being able to log in from anywhere on earth to access e-mail and use other Internet services from any device is something that many people take for granted. With immmr, Deutsche Telekom is now also offering this service for mobile telephone numbers. The service makes mobile phone numbers virtual, meaning that they are no longer tied to a specific device or SIM card.

Immmr is scheduled to be launched as an independent, open communications service for voice, messaging and video telephony in the second half of 2016. The service developed by the Deutsche Telekom`s R&D department T-Labs in Berlin is currently being tested in selected European countries.

As the world’s first “managed OTT service”, immmr combines the advantages of Internet-based communication with the strengths of mobile communication. “Immmr shifts the mobile communication of our users in the cloud – the mobile number, calls, messages and contacts are accessible on any device, from anywhere, to use with anyone. This will change how we communicate in a true digital way!” says Claudia Nemat, member of the Deutsche Telekom AG Board of Management, Europe and Technology. As a result, immmr users will be able to communicate through their mobile telephone number from any device, operating system or network provider in the future, whenever they want to, and wherever they happen to be. Nemat: “This is a unique, innovative model that lets us combine the best of both worlds in a completely new communications service.”

What makes “managed OTT” special is the integration of the mobile network, allowing Telekom customers to benefit from best-in-class coverage thanks to immmr.

All users need to do to register for immmr is to sign up with their own mobile number. Once they have been “immmrized,” they will always have access to immmr’s services.

Customer Benefits:

  • Calling with your prime number from any device, anywhere: All your calls, messages and contacts are accessible via app or browser, even if it’s not your own device.
  • Share your number as personal, secure web-link to communicate with friends for free, even if they aren’t a fellow immmr user.
  • Super low rates to landlines and mobiles worldwide – calling and communication within immmr is for free.
  • Set up new numbers from many countries – no extra SIM card necessary.
  • All in one app: Voice, messaging, video-calling, group communication and many more.
  • In selected countries Deutsche Telekom customers will benefit from offerings combining dedicated mobile tariffs with the immmr service.

Immmr will initially be available for download as a free app from the AppStore and Google Play.

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