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Magenta 1 Business – Now available also for businesses

Budapest, June 2, 2016 11:00

  • From 6 June, Telekom services are available to business customers under even more favourable conditions
  • Dedicated customer handling and extra discount on devices in Telekom’s integrated offer
  • Besides telecommunication services, the Magenta 1 Business package contains IT solutions

Telekom is introducing a special business offer called Magenta 1 Business. Subscribers of the package can use Telekom’s fixed, mobile telco and IT services in one package under more favourable conditions. The offer contains all those infocommunication services that are indispensible for the seamless operation of businesses.

„We developed the business version of Magenta  1 with the need of ample flexibility for the enterprises, and so that the employees can choose the services and price packages that best suit their activities. Through the benefits and free-of-charge business applications of the Magenta   1 Business package we provide the companies with higher competitiveness and efficiency.” – said Péter Lakatos, Magyar Telekom’s Chief Commercial Officer SMB.

The Magenta 1 Business package comprises 5 items: fixed-line internet, fixed voice, mobilenet, mobile voice and IT services. For the optimum composition of the package, our customers cannot only put new service items in the new package but also – in the majority of the cases - include their tried and trusted old services. With the IT solution item, subscribers will be granted free-of-charge access to an anti-virus service guaranteeing top data security as well as the Office 365 Basic package offering legally clean softwares and business email support.

The discount package offers numerous benefits to the customers: subscribers of Magenta 1 may use telecommunication and IT services necessary for their business operation from one service provider, all at a favourable monthly fee that includes all of the services above. The Magenta 1 Business package also offers dedicated customer handling to its subscribers at the business call-centers and online chat function for more comfortable management of businesses. Telekom also offers a one-time device discount with the package in the value of HUF 30.000 available for mobile phones, laptops or tablets.

Besides Hungary, the Magenta 1 Business integrated discount package has already been released in many countries of the Deutsche Telekom Group, and is now available for the business customers.

For more information about the services in Magenta 1 Business and the terms of use please, visit: