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Websites of chili planting, tiling and private railway enterprises won the Telekom website competition

Budapest, March 22, 2016 14:00

The application for the Website competition announced by Telekom for small and medium-sized enterprises to introduce their websites developed between January 1 st 2015 and January 31 st 2016 ended at the end of last year.

The winners of the Website competitionIn each category, one of the companies entering the competition could win a marketing campaign worth 5 million HUF. Any small and medium-sized enterprise could enter the contest that prepared their official company website in 2015 using the Telekom Webkönnyen service or otherwise, or completed the website not later than the closing of the competition.

According to the jury’s decision, websites developed by small entrepreneurs Chilion
( and BestBurkoló
( were the best, and thus were awarded with the communication budget of 5 million HUF.

“More and more people use the internet for information and purchase purposes. The internet by now has become one of the quickest, easiest and most convenient ways of acquiring information from. Whether it is a newly founded company or one operating for years, today all enterprises must be present on the internet. As a partner to the SMBs, our goal is to assist these companies in this endeavor. For a long time now, we haven’t only offered information technology and telecommunications services to them, but all services that can make the life and day-to-day operation of companies smoother, and also increase their revenues.” – says Péter Lakatos, Chief Officer SMB of Magyar Telekom.

The fact that any company operating in any business area can build an attractive and popular website is best proven by the fact that the Public Award for the most votes was awarded by Telekom to Train Hungary ( Train Hungary is a private railway company specialized in foreign freight transport, so basically they do not really represent a fashionable industry; nevertheless the 3000 followers of their site helped them win a marketing campaign award worth 1 million HUF.

The four members of the jury were: Péter Lakatos (CO) representing Telekom's small and medium-sized business services and dr. Gergely Árvai (ICT services marketing management division manager), as well as third-party specialists Mónika Grósz, (e-commerce specialist) and Márton Jedlicska (Isobar Budapest, Creative director). The jury's selection criteria included how easily the basic information on the site could be found, the text quality of the sent message, the attractive nature of the websites compared to that of similar enterprises, and how engaging and finely-tuned the site layout is.

The cause for this competition was served by the introduction of the Webkönnyen service last September, with the help of which entrepreneurs using the Webkönnyen service of Telekom can be present on the internet only with a few clicks. Any enterprise can develop their professional website quickly and easily by following the instructions provided in Hungarian. They can freely vary, sort and transform trendy thematic templates for each industry, and the contents of the website can be changed in a matter of seconds at any later time – without any graphic design or programming skills and in an extremely cost-efficient way.

In addition to the basic functions and design elements for building websites, including pre-designed spectacular templates for every industry, various font types, background images Webkönnyen – due to its minimal menus – is easy to review and manage, and also offers an interface operating similarly to word processors. The service package includes everything that might be necessary for a small enterprise to make sure that it is properly presented on the internet: own e-mail address, domain name registered free of charge, as well as web storage space that can be dynamically increased based on the website content. If, due to its profile, the company wants to provide an online purchase option, with the Webkönnyen Shop optional package a professional web store can be built where online trading can be started immediately.

Websites built with Webkönnyen can also be shared on the most popular community sites. With the help of the Publish on Facebook function, a Facebook page with content identical to that of the website can be created with a single click. Visitors of the website can immediately like and share the new Facebook profile.

For websites participating in the Telekom Website competition visit