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The integration of those living with autism is assisted with digital tools

Budapest, March 30, 2016 12:00

  • Every 100th person living with autism in Hungary
  • Telekom became the NGI strategic partner of Autistic Art - Mosoly Otthon (Smile at Home) Foundation
  • The company provides support with tools, voluntary work, communication possibilities and services

The leading communication company wishes to assist those living with autism and therefore struggling with communication difficulties: Magyar Telekom and the Mosoly Otthon Foundation – operating the Autistic Art program – signed and NGO strategic partnership agreement. The announcement was made on Wednesday morning in Budapest.

Every 100th Hungarian is autistic, however in numerous cases this development disorder is not identified. There are about 60,000 diagnosed children and adults living in Hungary currently, and their care is not provided for in a satisfactory way. Autism is a disorder principally effecting the basic development areas within brain functions, which remain all through the patients’ lives, causing significant difficulties in the areas of communication, social behavior, flexible thinking and imagination.

Jaksity György, founder of the Autistic Art - Mosoly Otthon Foundation intends to raise attention to those autistic patients over the age of 16, who have already grown out of the education system, but either unable to carry their lives independently, or only to a limited extent.

"For them this further reduces the scope of institutionalized possibilities for learning, therapeutic development and social integration" – the founder emphasized.

The Autistic Art - Mosoly Otthon Foundation supports the daycare institutions established for this age group, as well as the operation of in-patient care centers. In order for this, they build connections with state and municipality institutions, NGOs, training and development centers as well as interest representation organizations.

In the frame of the cooperation with Autistic Art –  Mosoly Otthon Foundation, Magyar Telekom - as the leading Hungarian info-communication service provider – thrives for promoting the issue of autism, the social acceptance of those living with autism, because communication related problems are especially serious in their everyday lives.

„Magyar Telekom, as the leading Hungarian info-communication company is spearheading the movement of promoting and supporting the socially disadvantaged and fostering social acceptance. Building upon the knowledge and technological possibilities available within Telekom, we wish to benefit those who face communication related obstacles in their everyday lives. This is why we sign a strategic NGO cooperation agreement with the Autistic Art - Mosoly Otthon Foundation” – said Somorjai Éva, chief human resources officer of Magyar Telekom.

In the course of the multiple year cooperation the Autistic Art – Mosoly Otthon Foundation will be the beneficiary of the company’s most important charity and donation collection initiatives: at the April 16-17 Telekom Vivicitta the associates of the company, as well as the members of the Sustainability Media Club will run for the foundation. Telekom established residential homes for those living with autism, supporting the everyday lives of autistic residents with technological solutions, info-communication tools and services, while the company’s volunteers will provide assistance in renewing the care centers. In addition, the company also provides advertising and media means in its communication channels, the company’s festival and sports sponsorship, as well as at events organized by Telekom, for example at the Sustainability Day, among others. Furthermore, in the near future the company creates a hello holnap! (hello tomorrow!) application and a new corporate fleet for the needy, while also carrying out a comprehensive research related to autism, and in the autumn the Telekom headquarters will house the annually charity promotion event of the foundation. At this event participant can bid for creations of young people living in the care centers as well as contemporary artists: last year a record sum of HUF 21 million was collected at the event. Related to the international day of voluntarism, Telekom’s Adni jó! Sütiakció (Giving is Good! Cake Promotion) and the Christmas charity postcard promotion will also be devoted to supporting the foundation.

Telekom also wishes to demonstrate its strategic cooperation with the Autistic Art – Mosoly Otthon Foundation: according to the plans, sales associates of the company will wear scarves and accessories showing the creations of young people living with autism. The Autistic Art design brand of the Foundation is based on this concept, creating high quality products involving designers and using selected creations of autistic young people. The objective of the brand is to generate proceeds and to demonstrate that high quality products can also be made with involving autistic young people, they can also be useful members of the society.

On the subject of announcing the cooperation, Telekom within the Telekom TV Videotheque collected all creations related to autism in a separate file. ( Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close; Snow Cake; Code Name: Mercure ). These films are available in the Videotheque and with the TVGO service, therefore not only Telekom and OTT customers can view them. The sum generated from service charges will be forwarded by the company to the Autistic Art – Mosoly Otthon Foundation.