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Magyar Telekom established a test call on the 4G network

Budapest, May 17, 2016 17:00

  • M agyar Telekom established a fully 4G based test call in the company’s headquarters at Budapest, Krisztina körút, on May 17, the World Telecommunication and Information Society Day.
  • Fixed line network development: in 2016 Telekom made the high speed, broadband internet available in 170 thousand households.

During a voice call on 4G, the calling and called party can establish connection faster, the time until call setup and the first ringing tone becomes significantly shorter. Further to mobile internet traffic, consequent to the VoLTE (Voice-over-LTE) technology voice services can also be provided in 4G quality, primarily enabling faster call setup, HD voice quality and 4G speed data transmission during voice communication, without any slowdown. Currently the 4G data transmission enabled phones switch over to the locally available 2G or 3G network when initiating a call, which lengthens the call setup time. Using 4G Voice, our telephone communication can also be completed on the 4G network, visibly and significantly shortening the connection time. 4G calls are executed within the 4G network, hence call setup time becomes significantly shorter. However, this is not going to be the only tangible advantage to telephone calls becoming fully IP-based, as the calls initiated with 4G Voice also extend the battery life as it requires significantly lower battery resources than traditional technology.

The first test call was initiated by Christopher Mattheisen at the press event organized of the World Telecommunication and Information Society Day, where journalists could also test the 4G voice calls using Galaxy S6 Edge smartphones provided by Samsung. The experts of Magyar Telekom continuously work on testing the solution, in order to make this technology available to the customers all around the country, as soon as possible.

On the World Telecommunication Day, Christopher Mattheisen, chief executive officer and Walter Goldenits chief technical officer of Magyar Telekom spoke about the improved user experiences brought about by the VoLTE technology. „Telecommunication is headed towards IP-based services, which not only means high speeds but also top quality. The call established on 4G will soon enable users to enjoy all benefits of the 4G network – which by now has a national coverage of more than 97 percent, and according to the survey of the independent OpenSignal offers the world’s 9th fastest and Europe’s third swiftest 4G service. Telekom 4G is already available in 2,725 settlements” – said Walter Goldenits.

On the WorldTelecommunication Day, Christopher Mattheisen also spoke about the company’s fixed line network development plans, outlining: “Telekom is committed to developing a truly high quality fixed line infrastructure, to offer quality services. On the token of this commitment, last year in the spring we accelerated the development of our new generation network, expecting to make Magyar Telekom’s high speed, broadband internet available in 2.7 million households by year end. This year we plan to use own resources to access more than half a million new households, of which Telekom already connected 170 thousand already – contributing to Hungary becoming one of the first countries to establish complete broadband coverage. Further to achieving our this year’s target, we may also connect additional households, depending on our achievements at the tender targeting to provide 30 Mbit/s internet to non-covered settlements.”