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Two Hungarian startups in the final event of Deutsche Telekom’s international innovation

Budapest, May 18, 2016 13:00

The Telekom Innovation Contest has been convened by Deutsche Telekom for innovators and investors the world over. The aim of the initiative is to support new, leading talents and technologies that may subsequently join Deutsche Telekom’s business areas and subsidiary companies. This year the closing event of the series of programs, the Telekom Innovation Expo, will be open to the public for the first time to be hosted, following Berlin and Cracow, by Budapest in the framework of the SMART 2016 conference to be organised on May 23.

Organisers of the Telekom Innovation Contest to take place for the third time have been awaiting with open arms the applications of businesses with an innovative spirit from all parts of the world, so from Hungary as well. The applications and solutions have been received this time in the following categories: Smart Data Analytics, Future Communication, Industry 4.0 and IoT. Applicants will have to present at least one operating prototype in their competition paper.

The closing event of the contest, the Telekom Innovation Expo will be organised in Budapest on 23 May, in the framework of Hungary’s largest startup conference, the SMART 2016, due to which those interested and taking part in the event will be offered an even broader choice of programs. The competitors having come out in the first 10 places will also introduce themselves in front of the international expert audience in the Expo, among them the Hungarian PersonalVideo and Slamby. ThePersonalVideo is producing specific, customized interactive videos automatically from any data base. Slamby offers a big data management platform categorizing data automatically and independently from language.

“The aim of the Telekom Innovation Contest is to get to know startups active in industries that determine the present and the future of info-communications and that may be potential partners of the group of companies. Being an infocommunication company we consider the support and promulgation of innovative technologies and solutions to be our key task. We are proud that this year several valuable applications have been received in the competition from Hungary and the solution of two Hungarian businesses has even been included among the best ones of them” said Mátyás Dobó, Director of Magyar Telekom’s Product House.

The opening speech will be held by Christopher Mattheisen, CEO of Magyar Telekom. Apart from the introduction of the finalists of the contest the program will feature presenters like Ádám Somlai-Fischer, one of the founders of Prezi, or even Patrick Cowden, founder of Beyond Leadership, who has provided leadership advice to an uncountable number of multinational firms (e.g. DELL, HP, HITACHI or Coca-Cola). Those attending the event will have the opportunity to meet representatives of the business areas of Deutsche Telekom as well as decision makers of national companies.

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