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More than 2,600 small settlements will be covered with the Telekom 4G within one year

Budapest, November 4, 2016 16:00

  • Telekom started to cover small settlements with the 4G technology, and within one year the superbly fast internet becomes available in more than 2,600 settlements with less than six thousand inhabitants.
  • The company’s 300 Mbps 4G+ service already became available in more than 40 settlements.
  • As the first operator in Hungary, Telekom switched on the speed of 450 Mbps in Gödöllő.

As part of the dynamic network development, Telekom started to cover small settlements with 4G technology, therefore within one year the superbly fast mobile internet – currently offering 97.6 percent outdoor population coverage – also reaches areas not covered by 4G mobile internet technology before. In line with the commitments taken in the frequency tender, by November 2017 Telekom completes the 4G coverage almost in all settlements with a population between 1,000 and 6,000 as well as in more than 1,500 settlements out of the 1,774 with a population below 1,000, by use of the 800 MHz frequency spectrum.

In addition, the company continuously develops its 300 Mbps 4G+ mobile internet network as well, currently this speed is available in more than 40 Hungarian settlements. Since the developments announced in June the list of settlements covered with 4G+ increased by 15 within the Budapest agglomeration and by five in Hajdú-Bihar county. (The list of settlements can be viewed here.)

As a forerunner of future technological developments, today Telekom switched on the 4G+ mobile internet service with 450 Mbps speed. Currently this is the highest mobile internet speed provided on 4G network in Hungary, which for the time being is available to the residents of Gödöllő – holding appropriate devices – but the company plans to make this solution available for example on the occasion of highlighted events.

„Consequent to our continuous developments – including 4G, as announced today, delivered on multiple transmission speeds – we offer a technology to our customers that provides a future-proof and secure background, enabling them to self-confidently connect to the digital world. Within 1 year our 4G network will provide the experience of superbly fast mobile internet even to the inhabitants of tiny settlements, while the top data speeds of 450   Mbps switched on at Gödöllő today we offer an insight into the not-too-distant future, where with the rapidly spreading IoT („internet of things”) applications and solutions much faster mobile internet technologies (5G) are expected to emerge” – said Walter Goldenits, Chief Technology Officer of Telekom.

In areas covered with the 4G+ technology customers can even experience up to two or three times faster data speeds, using the appropriately enabled terminals and tariff packages.
Even during activities requiring higher data volume (for example video content uploading or downloading, downloading music or using applications), customers can achieve higher speeds and better user experience either in peak hours or at mass events, like for example in stadiums or at festivals.

The Cat9 category terminals of major manufacturers, available in the assortment of Telekom are already enabled to receive the 450 Mbps speed, while the assortment of 300 Mbps enabled smartphones offers an much richer choice to customers. Holding an appropriately enabled terminal, residents living in the region impacted by the development can exploit the advantages of the 4G+ service with the operator’s 300 Mbps speed tariff packages.

The currently 97.6 percent 4G national outdoor population coverage of Telekom – consequent to the dynamic network developments – reaches 98% by year end, while the indoor coverage increases to 87 percent.