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The operation of Telekom is carbon neutral also in 2016

Budapest, November 30, 2016 16:00

T-Systems Hungary Symposium 2016 - Technology for our sustainable future – The operation of the Magyar Telekom Group becomes completely carbon neutral also in 2016. 2015 was the first year for the group to operate completely carbon neutral, which made Magyar Telekom the first Hungarian large company to achieve this and was also among the first leading European telecommunication operators to reach this objective.

The result was achieved by the whole Magyar Telekom Group (including Hungarian and foreign subsidiaries), by neutralizing its CO2 emission. The Group on the one hand implemented energy efficiency capital expenditures – including the modernization of data centers and technology upgrades – while also further increasing the ratio of hybrid and electric cars within the corporate fleet. Secondly, the company secured its electric energy uptake from 100 percent renewable energy sources, while also neutralizing the emission derived from fossil energy usage through supporting a green project, a water power plant.

The Magyar Telekom Group believes in infocommunication being a toll to achieve sustainability, therefore the company – as one of the largest employers in Hungary – is committed and takes responsibility for its operation, corporate management and activities being fully aligned with the objective of sustainability. Therefore Telekom – for more than ten years – has been paying highlighted attention to sustainability, as well as the importance of environmental and climate protection. In its fourth sustainability strategy – taking effect this year and covering the period until 2020 – the protection of climate is given special attention, as well as two other areas: education, awareness raising and promoting sustainability with digitization.