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The Telekom 4G+ mobile internet is already available in the whole of Budapest!

Budapest, April 3, 2017 16:00

  • In Budapest the theoretical maximum speed of mobile internet already reaches 225 Mbps
  • The net also excels indoor: the 4G/4G+ indoor coverage of Telekom is almost 100 percent in Budapest

Telekom completed the preparation of its 4G network for the 4G+ technology in the capitol city and activated the mobile internet service with the theoretical maximum speed of 225 Mbps in the whole area of Budapest. Resulting from the developments of the past period not only the 4G+ technology became available in the capitol city but the indoor 4G/4G+ coverage also reached almost 100 percent.

In areas covered with the 4G+ technology customers can achieve higher speeds and enjoy better user experience during more data intensive activities like downloading music or internet applications, even in peak hours or at mass events. The 4G+ mobile internet service is available with any Telekom tariff package, even using medium category terminals.

Preparing for the future, Telekom also incorporated 5G enabled devices and network functions into the existing 4G base stations which are ready for serving the network requirements of new services expected in the future like IoT (Internet of Things) solutions and systems.

The national population outdoor 4G coverage of Telekom already exceeds 98 percent, therefore a significant part of customers can already use the nominal maximum download speed of 150 Mbps. Simultaneously, the operator makes good progress in covering small settlements with the 4G technology, by November more than 2,600 settlements with less than six thousand population will be covered with superbly fast mobile internet. Consequent to the modernization the 4G+ mobile internet service with the nominal maximum speed of 2-300 Mbps is already available to almost 30 percent of the Hungarian population and since November of last year the residents of Gödöllő can already use the mobile net at the speed of 450 Mbps.