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Further to data, the 4G network already transmits voice also – Magyar Telekom launches 4G Voice

Budapest, April 27, 2017 10:00

  • As the first Hungarian mobile operator, Magyar Telekom launches voice services on the 4G network
  • Using 4G Voice Telekom customers will have a new experience: the new technology enables continuous data connection at 4G transmission speeds, also during voice communication

Following the test call made last year in May at the Magyar Telekom headquarters at Krisztina körút, the company – as the first Hungarian operator – introduces the voice service on its complete 4G network on April 27, 2017. Using the VoLTE (Voice-over-LTE) technology mobile phone calls can also be executed through the 4G (as opposed to the 3G or 2G) network, resulting in faster call setup, HD voice quality and continuous mobile internet service at 4G speeds, even during the call. 4G Voice is also an important milestone in developing mobile networks, as it diverts mobile services towards the IP-based networks, offering smooth connection.
The 4G network was commercially introduced in Hungary in January 2012 and so far it was only possible to grant mobile internet service on it. Reaching higher data speeds and mobile internet service of even higher quality than on 2G and 3G networks was the primary driver of developing the 4G standard, therefore most operators did not start technology developments enabling also the voice service.

Further to the availability of the 4G network, using 4G Voice is conditioned upon a 4G enabled mobile telephone. At Magyar Telekom – in close cooperation with Samsung – the software upgrade will first arrive for the Samsung Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge terminals and for Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ too, enabling Telekom customers to use 4G Voice. This upgrade is available to Telekom subscribers online, also through wireless connection. Reaching agreements with other mobile terminal manufacturers, Magyar Telekom expands the possibilities to use 4G Voice on other telephone types as well. More information about the details of the service at

The first VoLTE-enabled network was launched in 2012 in South Korea, while by the end of 2016 the voice service through 4G networks became available in more than 80 countries. In Europe Deutsche Telekom introduced the voice service on its 4G network in Germany, the Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia and Greece.

The national outdoor population coverage of the Telekom 4G network is currently 98 percent. The 2-300 Mbps nominal maximum speeds 4G+ mobile internet service is already available nationwide to almost 30 percent of the population.