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Telekom offers new and faster net packages for home use

Budapest, August 11, 2017 14:00

From August 11, 2017 Telekom renewed its fixed line internet portfolio, introducing higher bandwidth internet packages. Consequent to the new scheme ever more families and households can enjoy the benefits of faster internet. The new home internet packages are available within the Magenta 1 discount packages as well.Resulting from the development of broadband fixed line network developments, the fast fixed line network of Telekom is already available in more than 2.9 million households, including almost 700 thousand one thousand Gigabyte capable optical network.

Consequent to the network development Telekom can provide even better quality Internet connection to customers, through the introduction of the new internet portfolio for home.

The new portfolio offers customers the option of 5 different internet packages. The largest package remains the option offering 1000 Mbit/s download speed, and additionally to the already available 50 MB package, the new options of the 100 and 250 MB net packages will also be introduced. Customers without the availability of the 50 Mbit/s capacity at their residential address are offered the START package with the maximum speed of 30 Mbit/s.

The new tariff packages are available from today and customers having one of the earlier portfolios which do not expire yet can also switch for the new, faster packages (by committing to a new loyalty period).

Parallelly with the new home internet packages also the Magenta 1 discount packages were renewed that offer home and mobile internet in a bundle.As a supplementary feature of the new home internet portfolio, ever more customers can use the higher speed internet by choosing the accelerating option 1 .

78 percent of Hungarian households having a TV set also has internet access. 68 percent of them also use the net at home, while 42 percent of them use the net while watching TV – as revealed by the Nielsen Survey executed in the spring of this year and published recently. However, the number of users connecting to the net through home PCs is decreasing. People prefer using their mobile devices also at home. 84 percent of age group 18-49 have mobile phones and two thirds have laptops. The research revealed that 73 percent of them use smartphones, and 53 percent laptops to connect to the net.According to experiences the devices are used often parallelly in the households.

Further details about the new net package for home:

1) The acceleration option is enabled by a solution, which by using a special tool adds up the speed of mobile and fixed line internet, therefore the user can enjoy faster and better quality internet