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FLOW or FOLLOW – Which is the way forward for you? Invitation for applications for the 10. Sustainability Day

Budapest, August 31, 2017 14:00

Magyar Telekom announces an invitation for applications for the 10th Sustainability Day. The Company accepts applications until September 15 in three categories - to creatively show directions in the flow through film, music/slam or any other creative way.

On September 30, 2017 Telekom organizes the Sustainability Day for the 10th time in the Akvárium Club. The central theme of this year's festival conference is the FLOW. The flow-experience is a state of mind where one accumulates happiness and lives the experience in its entirety. The Sustainability Day will offer four panel discussions on topics related to the pillars of sustainability whereby experts talk about flows going on in our environment, processes impacting our society, the cash flow arranging the economy and the FLOW experience with the focus on physical-mental processes. The invitation for applications is trying to find answers to questions like “Who or what do we follow?”, “If we follow someone, do we make any progress?”, “Do we follow the tide or the tide follows us?”.

Applicants may choose from three categories:

  • Film: we expect 1-3 minute long movies,
  • Music: we expect one song or slam,
  • Creative: we expect paintings, drawings, photos or even the organization of a flashmob.

One applicant may submit maximum 3 pieces of art.

The applications will be evaluated by a four member professional jury that consists of the following members: Anna Pásztor singer, actress, dance artist, Gábor Rohonyi  director, Csaba Szegedi colorist, teacher at MOME, Katalin Szomolányi, manager of Magyar Telekom’s sustainability center.

Based on the decision of the jury 3 awards will be given out in all categories. The valuable prizes include 2 tickets - and plane tickets - to the 2017 International Art Exhibition in Venice (ARTE Biennale) and the 2018 International Film Festival in Rotterdam (IFFR) while the winner of the music/slam category will receive a HUF 200.000 worth musical instrument voucher. Visitors will give out the “visitors’ award” at the 10th Sustainability Day which will be a Samsung Gera S3 smart watch.

The announcement of the winners and the award winning ceremony will take place at the end of the Sustainability Day on September 30 with the participation of the members of the jury. The invitation for applications and the detailed program of the event is available on and