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Within two years Telekom's high speed internet was made available in another million households - in 2017 the objective is to cover 270 thousand homes

Budapest, January 16, 2017 13:00

  • As a result of Magyar Telekom’s intensive, self-financed network development activities high-speed fixed line internet was made available in another million households within two years.
  • Thus by now more than 2.8 million households may enjoy an at least 30 Mbps fixed-line service on Telekom’s network. Now in almost 700 thousand households a Gigabit-capable optical network is available.
  • This year's objective is to cover 270 thousand households one fourth of which is planned to be connected with the use of EU funds.
  • These developments contribute to Hungary's digital development and the achievement of a nationwide broadband coverage.

Magyar Telekom accelerated the new generation fixed line development in the spring of 2015. Solely relying on its own resources the company made available high-speed fixed line internet in 464 thousand homes in 2015 and - exceeding the preliminary plans - in another 565 thousand households in 2016. Currently Telekom's high-speed fixed line network covers more than 2,8 million households. Out of this 700 thousand households are covered with Gigabit-capable optical network where customers may use the NetMánia 1000 service, offering 1000 Mbps speed.

The developments were implemented with the use of various technologies across the country, in cities and small settlements, too (the below list is not exhaustive):

  • In 2016 the digital city base network developments in Nyíregyháza were completed and significant progress was made in Pécs, Keszthely, Mezőkövesd, Cegléd, Baja, Füzesabony, Albertirsa, Szolnok, Sopron.
  • In the following suburbs of the capital the quality of the service improved significantly: Biatorbágy, Szentendre, Pilisszentiván, Pillisborosjenő, Törökbálint, Herceghalom.
  • Telekom’ optical network reached small settlements with some hundreds of residents, like Lánycsók, Kőszegszerdahely, Tarján, or Villány, famous of its red vines.
  • Last year Telekom made developments in the volume of several tens of thousands in Budapest, in districts III, VIII, XIII and XIV. In district XII and XXI the networks were built in partnership with the local municipalities and 10 thousand households were covered in the former whereas 9 thousand in the latter. The development in district XII continued in 2017 and by the end of the year the entire district will be covered with optical network.

As a result of the developments the new network offers high-speed - at least 30 Mbps - internet, interactive TV services, broad TV-channel portfolio and film rental services across various screens. Based on Telekom's experience customers living on the newly covered areas had a positive reception on the developments as well as the products and offers available through the new network - that confirms the importance of network development.

This year Telekom continues the nationwide network development: The objective in 2017 is to cover 270 thousand households the majority of which will be connected to the Gigabit-capable optical network. Besides the company's own development efforts it also gives momentum to the initiative is that the company group was awarded with 12.2 billion HUF EU funds for 46 districts in the first two rounds of the nationwide development Application for Funds for the development of at least 30 Mbps fixed line network. One fourth of this year's objective is covered by the EU projects. The results were announced last autumn and the company immediately started the preparation of the EU supported network development work, that progresses well: the implementation plans are being prepared, what's more, one of the projects is already in the construction phase.

The construction work in 2017 can start at the end of January - beginning of February in Vác, Törökbálint, Ercsi, Répcelak, and also in EU supported small settlements, like Gödre, Kokad and Kehidakustány. Early spring the development continues in district XII in Budapest, too and intensive work will start in district II. where Telekom plans to cover 10 thousand households by the end of September thereby almost completing the broadband coverage of the district in Buda.